Food Group
Roda dos Alimentos
The Food Wheel is a tool for nutritional education for the population in general. This graphical representation is designed to guide the choices and food combinations that should be part of a healthy daily diet.
Keeping the original circular shape, associated with the commonly used dish meals, the new version breaks down some of the previous groups and establishes equal daily portions, in addition to include water in the center of this new graphical representation.

The new Food Wheel is composed of seven groups, with specific nutritional functions and characteristics:
Cereal products, tubers - 28%
Horticulture - 23%
Fruit - 20%
Dairy - 18%
Meat, fish and eggs - 5%
Legumes - 4%
Fats and Oils - 2%

Within each division are gathered nutritionally similar to each other so that they can be regularly replaced, ensuring food and nutritional variety.

On the website of the "Direcção –Geral de Saúde" are available more information about the food wheel and other information about food, such as dietary recommendations and food for the Portuguese population, principles for healthy eating, how to reduce consumption of fat, sugar and salt, and how to increase the consumption of vegetables and fruit.