Healthy Cooking
Transform your kitchen.
Make it even more tasty and healthy.

The way we cook the food is very important, not only because it can influence the nutritional balance, but also because it determines the pleasure of eating.
With today's busy lifestyles, people have less time to cook. However, even without having to spend several hours in the kitchen, you can make quick meals, healthy and full of flavor.

It is common to think that only boiled or grilled foods are allowed in a healthy diet but it is not true. What really influences the cuisine are the amounts of fat and salt and temperature we put the food.
Cooking methods like braising, sauteing or baking in the oven can be wonderful and full of flavor. It's in your hands make a difference:
- Always use a good quality fat and in small amounts.
- Do not let the fat very hot. If you add some liquid, like water or white wine or a marinade, prevents the temperature increase and "burn" fat.
- Decrease the amount of salt added to food.
- Use and abuse of herbs, spices and marinades.
- Make stews, casseroles and bib, combine various foods in the same container, thus increasing the flavor of the "plate" and diversity of nutrients.

Care are small, which associated with your imagination you can provide pleasure and health to your table.