About Us
The quality and prestige products TOPGEL cause this is one of the fastest growing global brands and recognition in the range of frozen products.
Our products comply with strict manufacturing process and is produced without any additives or preservatives, meeting all standards of quality certification in effect combining the traditional flavors of Mediterranean cuisine innovation, convenience and speed.

The TOPGEL is a brand that produces and markets a wide range of meals pre-cooked and deep-frozen, either for their own brand or brands for some of the modern distribution.

The reasons for the success begin in responding to consumer trends:
- More time for myself and my family
_ Practical, quick and easy.
_ Truly delicious recipes that satisfy the most demanding appetite.

TOPGEL brand currently offers a broad portfolio of products:
soups, fish dishes, meat, seafood, side dishes, snacks and desserts.
_ Our recipes are developed by a team of "leaders" offering tastes of Mediterranean and international cuisine.