Healthy Eating
Nowadays, is very important to have a balanced diet not only to compensate for all harm health that our body is subjected, but also to feel better!
After all is not so difficult to have a balanced diet, just take into account for example these little tips! :)

Make 5 to 6 meals during the day, every 3 hours, because it forces us to eat less at each meal.
Do not keep long hours without adequate food, i.e., should not exceed more than 4 hours without eating.
With regard to eggs should not eat more than 2 per week.
Eat fruit and vegetables EVERY DAY.
Prefer fruit and vegetables of the season.
When cooking vegetables, prefer to "steam" as it helps preserve the nutrients better and avoids the added fat.
Enjoy the flavor of each vegetable. When using water, avoid cooking food with plenty of water since some minerals and vitamins are lost in this process.The water used in cooking vegetables should be used for other preparations, such as rice, corn, beans, etc.
It is a source of vitamins and minerals which were lost during the cooking process.
Always remove skin from poultry before cooking. The bird's skin is very rich in fats which raises cholesterol and calories.
Avoid fried food in general. The food is best cooked, baked with no added fat and grilled.
Avoid eating products such as sausages, salami, ham, mortadella, pates ...
Prefer vegetable margarine or olive oil, contain less saturated fat and less cholesterol.
Whenever possible eat white meat, chicken or fish (baked, cooked or raw, instead of red meat.
Avoid alcoholic beverages and soft drinks.
Avoid liquids with meals, as these contribute to the mechanical distension of the stomach.
Beware of added salt in food, use only what is necessary.
Prefer white cheeses.
Avoid excessive consumption of sugar, if possible, use a sweetener.
Do exercise regularly.
Drinking water daily (about 1.5 liters) to improve the functioning of the intestine, stop hydrate the body, facilitate the blood filtration and detoxify the body.
Never deal with matters during meals time, as these should be done in a quiet place, away from television, and calmly chew well the food.

Finally, during meals, the ideal is that every mouthful be chewed 20 times.

... tips easy and affordable to all, but to which they sometimes do not give due importance.